We specialize in antiques, retro, collectibles and
1104 S Denver St
El Dorado, KS 67042
Contact: Kendra Wilkinson

Our mother was a "junker" and decided that spelling junk with a "que" added a bit of class to the merchandise.  With the shop we are now r-exploring our basements and storage units for forgotten treasures of past year's or past collections stored away.

Our shop opened in October 2014 in our father's former print shop building.  In 1951 it also stored dynamite which decided to explode and burned the place down.  Then in 1958 a tornado destroyed the rebuilt print shop.

Even our display cases are vintage.  Several are from the printing shop, the local bank and the former jewelry store.

You are likely to find most anything in our store.  From antique to vintage to retro to new.

Latitude: 37.808139    Longitude: -96.856488
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